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(no subject) [Aug. 19th, 2004|08:54 pm]
The daughter of a couple of weirdos
The good thing about being a witch in a rainstorm is that I don't have any power outages.

I've been home for three days now. When I got back I had "jetlag" and slept for 15 hours. My schedule got back on track today when mom and dad took me school shopping. The first schoolbook I picked up was for Divination class. It's called 'PROPECHY and you can see it here. I've seen that woman on TV before. She's very famous and a world traveler. I can't believe she's settling down at Idlewild. I suppose all of us great ones need a new challenge to take on; we don't want to go stale.

I think Divination will be entertaining. I'll get to learn all that fantastic things that are going to happen to me.

I don't care to talk about my other books right now because...I got a kitten! My very first. Everyone needs to bring their familar to school with them and I decided long ago that Brutus, my red lab, is out of the question. Therefore, mom and dad bought me a gray kitten today. I don't have a name for my kitten yet.

Look at him.Collapse )

Being in that non-magical pet store was an experience. When we walked in my first instinct was to find the kittens but I was distracted by this oddball customer. This man was there and he was bothering an employee with his desire to hold the ferrets. Each and every last ferret. With every ferret he held he said there was something unqiue about it but it wasn't the right one for him. He wanted each of them to sit on his shoulder but it wasn't working out; he became frustrated and so did the pet store employee. The man asked to see the manager and when the mana ger came out he said, "Not you again!" and threw the guy out.

I really wanted to get a picture of the guy. I was even going to take one of my rare magical pictures because I wanted to see the feelings of such a weird person. I missed my chance when mom nudged me along. I could tell both of my parents were disapproving of nonsense like that. Though, maybe it's my imagination, as I was letting a kitten lick my hand I glanced at the man while he was being led out and swore he purposefully looked me in the eye just as the door hit his face.
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(no subject) [Aug. 3rd, 2004|09:54 pm]
The daughter of a couple of weirdos
[mood |thoughtfulthoughtful]

I've been thinking it over for years. It's not illegal to tell muggles that you're a magic user. We all have to be cautious; my parents have taught me about trust.

I feel like I'm lying to my muggle friends. I don't know if they all could handle the news. I have a best friend and I want to tell her. I'm not asking mom for advice on this one. I want to make a decision all on my own. This is the right decision and I won't be stopped. As soon as I get home I'll call her and find a time to hang out.

My friends are going to be upset that I'm not going to high school with them.
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This is perfect [Jul. 31st, 2004|02:57 am]
The daughter of a couple of weirdos
Now that I have a place on the web to write all about me I think everyone should be grateful.

Sadly, my summer is almost over. I've enjoyed gliding through the Asian skies this year. I toured several museums with my parents, magical and muggle alike. I was impressed with the history but none of it was the excitement I craved.

I met up with two Japanese witches that are daughters of my parents friends. While our parents caught up the girls wanted to show me around the muggle city. I was so happy to find witches as interested in the muggle culture as I am. In fact, they told me that most people over there are.

Our parents had boring international affairs to discuss so we left them to it and I was given a tour of parks, streets and shopping malls. I nearly dropped my camera getting all of the shots in. Once I almost ran out of film and the older daughter showed me a spell to extend the film. It's very useful and I'll never forget it.

The girls still prefer moving pictures to the muggle ones that I like so just for them I took a few enchanted rolls. Hilarity ensued. I found out that freckles aren't appreciated very much in that area of the world. There were some kids that dared to tease me about them I quietly uttered a jinx to increase sweat gland function in their general direction...

Just after that my letter for Idlewild arrived! I didn't read it right away because I know exactly what it says so there wasn't any point. I didn't show it to my parents until much later in the eveing either. I caught my Mom in a good mood and with a, well, glum look I handed her the letter. She could tell by my expression that I hadn't been pleased.

I tried to get her to let me go to one of the Asian witch schools but she thought I was making a rush decision. So we compromised. If by my junior year I still want to go we can work out a foreign exchange program. We agreed that I'll beat out the "competitors" at Idlewild with my grades and experiences throughout the Asian continent. It's going to be a blast.
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